The move to standardize online usage statistics among vendors can help librarians measure these statistics against various products.  In Sunday's session on "Making Sense of the Numbers: Understanding Vendor Statistics," we learned that there are some vendors who are working towards this standardization.  This appears to be happening more quickly with the non-legal vendors.

Some libraries purchase separate software to help balance the vendor-provided data.  Research Monitor and Onelog were discussed as ways to measure online usage statistics internally.

As we move toward standardization, it would also be helpful to have better definitions across platforms. Is "number of clicks" defined similarly in each report, regardless of source? 

Westlaw Analytics is a new resource that should help librarians identify trends, track budget caps for clients and collect practice area and research description information.

Ongoing discussions between librarians themselves, as well as between librarians and service providers, will help to define best practices and how librarians can generate and utilize reports more effectively.