As a law firm librarian, I was interested to see that the iPad has been rolled out to judges in the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals.  We learned about the rollout in the AALL session titled, "It's 2013: Do You Know Where Your iPad Is?"  The project was a joint collaboration between the library and IT.   Judges can access briefs filed in their cases, as well as have note-taking and other editorial functions available on the iPad.  

The 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals librarian, Adriana Mark, teamed with IT support to create a tutorial iBook that helps the judges learn how best to use the iPad for their work.   Other Circuits have also incorporated the iPad and have their own policies around iPad use. 

Similarly, many law firms offer remote work options via Citrix, and this environment can also be accessed via an attorney's iPad.  Many vendors, such as Westlaw, Lexis, and Financial Times, also offer free iPad apps and many lawyers in law firms are taking advantage of this as well with their firms' subscription services. 

The presenters discussed how users' access to information is rapidly changing.  With Google Glass emerging, it will be interesting to see what challenges institutions will face in adapting to meet the needs of the end-user.