The "Social Media and Your Library: Strategies to Lead the Way" session with Kathleen Brown, Steven Lastres and Jennifer Murray was very interesting discussion regarding how to strategically utilize social media in a law library environment. I was particularly interested in the session because I recently completed a marketing plan project for my Law Library Administration class. 

So, what does the "new normal" mean? It means that the web-based and mobile technologies such as Twitter, LinkedIn and blogging have changed how we communicate with each other. Communication has turned, due to the influence of social media, into an interactive dialogue in which all may participate in real-time.  The panelists assert that law librarians must use social media to market the law library's value to the community it serves. I believe it was Steven Lastres who said, "We must embed ourselves or perish." 

However, it most be noted that often an organization's leaders do not understand how social media can add value and will throw up barriers that must be overcome. Thus, it is up the library administration to overcome those barriers or as stated by participant, Stacy Posillico from Touro Law, "Make a good pitch!" 

I found the session to be very interesting and thought-provoking. Additionally, I was happy to learn that my marketing ideas were not as completely off-base as I feared they might be. But the most important takeaway for me was something Steven Lastres said about about our role as librarians - "Our job is to be ahead of the curb."