This post describes some articles in AALL chapter newsletters that are likely to be interesting to librarians outside those chapters.

The Spring 2013 issue of the Western Pennsylvania Law Library Association's WPLLA Newsletter contains several interesting articles, including a piece on using Martindale-Hubbell Law Directories to study diversity trends in the legal profession. Another article provides advice on questions from researchers who don't clearly express what information they are seeking, and a third piece collects resources on book repairs. Law librarians can perform some simple and inexpensive repairs that will extend the usable life of some books.

The Spring 2013 issue of the Law Librarians Association of Wisconsin's LLAW Briefs includes a report from the 2013 Library Technology Conference in Minnesota. Sessions at the conference discussed how libraries can advance social justice by providing access to and training for technology, website usability testing, distance education, and library branding.

The Spring 2013 issue of the Minnesota Association of Law Libraries' MALL Newsletter includes an article describing the Volunteer Librarians Coalition, a group of private law firm librarians in Minneapolis that provides legal research assistance to lawyers volunteering to serve low-income clients.