This post describes some articles in AALL chapter newsletters that are likely to be interesting to librarians outside those chapters.

The Summer 2013 issue of the Southeastern Law Librarian, publication of the Southeastern Chapter of the American Association of Law Libraries, has an essay by a library school student arguing that the MLS is important for preparing to be a law librarian. The essay is in the same vein as Lindsey Ann Carpino's recent AALL Spectrum Blog post.

The September 2013 issue of MAALL Markings, publication of the Mid-America Association of Law Libraries, contains a couple stories on interesting ways libraries interact with their constituencies. First, Rachel Zill, a library assistant at a Nebraska law firm, discusses how the firm library celebrates throughout National Library Week. The library adopted a county fair theme and ran with it, decorating the library space, holding a technology fair, and awarding prizes. The entire week appears to have been fun and cost-efficient. Second, Jennifer Prilliman of Oklahoma City University School of Law describes how her law library began using Pinterest boards to promote events and new acquisitions. Prilliman emphasizes their Pinterest activity is aligned with established goals and guidelines.

The Fall 2013 issue of the CALL Bulletin, publication of the Chicago Association of Law Libraries, includes an update on the progress of the Uniform Electronic Legal Materials Act in Illinois, and a report by Scott Vanderlin on how he assembled an impressive display for CALL's table at the AALL Annual Meeting.