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The AALL Spectrum® blog is published by the American Association of Law Libraries. Submissions from AALL members and other members of the legal community are highly encouraged. Opinions and editorial views expressed are those of the authors and do not represent the official position of AALL. AALL does not assume any responsibility for statements advanced by contributors. Previously, the AALL Spectrum Blog was located at aallspectrum.wordpress.com.

The AALL Spectrum blog is no longer published. Previous posts are archived on this page.
10/4/2012 2:31:47 PM

Highlights from Fall 2012 MALL Newsletter

The fall 2012 issue of the MALL Newsletter, the publication of the Minnesota Association of Law Libraries, has been released. The most notable article in this issue is part two of Michael Hannon’s discussion of the University of Minnesota Law Library’s Clarence Darrow Digital Collection. The first part, from the last newsletter issue, was a general overview of the collection; this part uses documents from the collection to show Darrow’s connections to Minnesota.

The issue also contains a number of session reports from the AALL annual meeting in Boston. The reports are very thorough and will be great for those seeking synopses of sessions they missed.

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10/3/2012 3:10:47 PM

Highlights from Fall 2012 CALL Bulletin

The fall 2012 issue of the CALL Bulletin, the publication of the Chicago Association of Law Libraries, has been released. Along with organizational announcements and reports, articles in the issue have two big themes. The first theme is relatively new law librarians' experiences at the AALL annual meeting in Boston. Articles like the two in this issue let readers learn about sessions and provide new approaches to professional development.

The second theme is the Federal Depository Library Program. The FDLP is developing national and state strategic plans, and the two articles provide a good overview of the questions that the GPO and FDLP libraries must answer. Law librarians use plenty of government documents, and a number of law libraries are depository libraries, so these articles should be of general interest.

The editors have summarized the contents of this issue here.

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10/3/2012 11:15:03 AM

Highlights from Summer 2012 WestPac News

The summer 2012 issue of WestPac News, the publication of the Western Pacific Chapter of AALL, has been released. The issue contains organizational announcements, the chapter's annual report, and member news. Also worth noting is an entertaining account of the AALL annual meeting in Boston from a law librarian who traveled all the way from Guam to attend.

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