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The AALL Spectrum® blog is published by the American Association of Law Libraries. Submissions from AALL members and other members of the legal community are highly encouraged. Opinions and editorial views expressed are those of the authors and do not represent the official position of AALL. AALL does not assume any responsibility for statements advanced by contributors. Previously, the AALL Spectrum Blog was located at aallspectrum.wordpress.com.

The AALL Spectrum blog is no longer published. Previous posts are archived on this page.
3/12/2015 8:42:00 AM

Election Issue of the ALL-SIS Newsletter is Available Now

ALL-SIS members, learn about your candidates in the latest issue of the ALL-SIS Newsletter.  Candidates include Prano Amjadi and Jessica Wimer for Vice Chair/Chair-Elect and Kate Irwin-Smiler and Patrick Meyer for Executive Board Member-at-Large.  Susan David deMaine will prepare and distribute official ballots to all ALL-SIS members.

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3/9/2015 3:28:36 PM

March 2015 Spectrum--Now Available on AALLNET

The March 2015 issue of Spectrum is now available on AALLNET! You should receive your print copy in the mail soon. Please post any feedback you may have in the comments section below!

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2/27/2015 10:23:16 AM

Part II: Rutgers Law Library Switches to Koha: the Open Source ILS

We are live!  In my last blog post, I wrote about our decision to switch from Millennium to Koha.  After a smooth transition of our data from our old ILS, many decisions about the new user interface and settings, and an excellent 2 ½ day staff training with ByWater Solutions, we went live in mid-January—right  on schedule.

Here is a link to our new OPAC: https://catalog.law.rutgers.edu/  We have a fully functioning ILS system and are very happy with ByWater Solutions, who helped with the migration and who we are continuing to use for support.  Note that we have not fully designed our OPAC landing page, as we are working on the resolution of a few last-minute issues that remain(ed) after our Go Live date. 

One issue was a delay in getting our user authentication (LDAP) working for purposes of logging in to the catalog.  However, this has been resolved and works perfectly in Koha. 

The other lingering issue is that Koha’s search engine (Zebra) does not seem to work very well for us.  The good news is that there appears to be a solution to this problem.  We are working with ByWater Solutions to implement VuFind, an open source Discovery Layer that gives us outstanding results when we use it to search our catalog.  See our Beta Version: https://catalog.law.rutgers.edu/vufind/  In case you are worried about whether this is costing us extra, it is not!  We worked this out with ByWater ahead of time.  In the final stages of our implementation, we will be replacing the Koha catalog search with VuFind.   At this point we will be able to use VuFind as a true discovery layer, allowing us to integrate our catalog search results with results from HeinOnline and other databases.  More information about VuFind: http://vufind-org.github.io/vufind/

Caroline Young


Caroline Young, Head of Access Services, Rutgers Law Library, Rutgers Law School, Newark, NJ


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