Law Library Journal Fact Sheet

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Mission: Law Library Journal has been the official publication of the American Association of Law Libraries since 1908 and aims to maximize the power of the law library community.

Specifications: Law Library Journal is published quarterly and circulates to more than 5,000 members and subscribers.

Content: Law Library Journal includes articles in all fields of interest and concern to law librarians and others who work with legal materials. Examples include law library collections, their acquisition and organization; services to patrons and instruction in legal research; law library administration; the effects of developing technology on law libraries; law library design and construction; substantive law as it applies to libraries; and the history of law libraries and legal materials. Law Library Journal also publishes memorials to deceased members of the Association.

Style: The Bluebook is used for general matters of style. Textual references and footnotes are kept in accordance with The Bluebook rule 2. For matters not covered in the The Bluebook, The Chicago Manual of Style (16th ed. 2010) and Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, supported by Webster’s Third New International Dictionary, are used for matters of style and usage.

All submissions are edited for clarity and grammar. Law Library Journal’s editor has final discretion for specific content, form, and style of all items published in the journal.

Oversight: The editor is responsible for determining the editorial content for each issue of Law Library Journal and has overall responsibility for the quality of the publication. The editor reports to the executive director and consults with the Law Library Journal and AALL Spectrum Committee, as necessary, to meet the committee’s charge. The editor and AALL’s marketing and communications manager, in consultation with the Law Library Journal and AALL Spectrum Committee, are responsible for the recommendation to the AALL Executive Board of general policies relating to the content, advertising, budget, and production of Law Library Journal. The editor also serves as an ex-officio member of the Law Library Journal and AALL Spectrum Committee.  
Advertising: Law Library Journal accepts display and classified advertising.

All advertising is subject to editorial approval. The marketing and communications manager, as a representative of the Association, reserves the right to refuse any advertising deemed inappropriate and/or offensive.

Circulation: 5,000        

Contact: Ashley St. John, Marketing and Communications Manager, American Association of Law Libraries, 105 W. Adams Street, Suite 3300, Chicago, IL 60603, Phone: (312) 939-4764, Fax: (312) 431-1097