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Library of Congress Call Numbers

American copyright law generally is classified within the call numbers KF2986-3080. There are, however, some important exceptions that are worth noting:

  1. Computer and Multimedia Law: Many resources that deal with copyright as it is applied to computers, computer programs and otherwise digitally-created works are classified within theKF390.5 range, or the KF3145 range.
  2. Copyright & Licensing: Copyright as it applies in a licensing context may be classified atKF2979 or KF3145.

Library of Congress Subject Headings

Major Topics

  • Copyright - Cases - United States
  • Copyright - Infringement - United States
  • Copyright - Periodicals
  • Copyright - United States
  • Copyright - United States - Cases
  • Copyright - United States - History
  • Copyright - United States - Periodicals


  • Authors and publishers - United States
  • Design protection - United States
  • Fair use (Copyright) - United States
  • Public domain (Copyright law) - United States

Related Headings

  • Computers - Law and legislation - United States
  • Copyright and electronic data processing - United States
  • Copyright - Broadcasting rights - United States
  • Copyright - Computer programs - United States
  • Copyright - Databases - United States
  • Copyright - Motion pictures - United States
  • Copyright - Music - United States
  • Copyright - Performing rights - United States
  • Copyright - Social aspects - United States
  • Copyright - Sound recordings - United States
  • Data protection - Law and legislation - United States
  • Intellectual Property - United States
  • Intellectual Property - Social aspects - United States
  • License Agreements - United States
  • Multimedia systems - Law and legislation - United States
  • Multimedia systems industry - Law and legislation - United States

United States Copyright Office

The United States Copyright Office advises and assists Congress on copyright law and other intellectual property issues, and assists in the drafting of copyright legislation. The Office's website is the best single source of information about the American copyright process.

From thFrom the website, you can access primers on the Copyright Act and how it applies to different forms of media, get legislative information, view the Copyright Act in whole or in part, and downloadregistration forms (many of which you can complete online before you print them out).

The following pages are particularly valuable information resources: