UELMA Case Studies

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AALL advocates across the country have witnessed firsthand the many twists and turns in the life of a bill through the push for the Uniform Electronic Legal Information Act (UELMA). Through very different but equally successful processes, two states adopted UELMA in 2012.

Below you will find accounts from the AALL members who took the lead to ensure the passage of the Uniform Act. While the push for UELMA has provided the helpful reminder that no two state legislatures are the same, common themes have emerged from the process. Working together with the Government Relations Office, these advocates were able to forge relationships with key allies in and outside of the legislature. In Colorado and California alike, law librarians proved they need not be insiders to help get an important law enacted. With initiative, strong organization, and persistence, they were able enact UELMA in their states, thus ensuring access to official, authentic online legal information.

Member Stories: