UELMA History

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In June 2007, after participating in AALL's National Summit, Minnesota Revisor of Statutes and NCCUSL Commissioner Michele Timmons submitted a proposal to NCCUSL to create a study committee to explore the complex issues regarding digital authentication. In February 2008, NCCUSL informed AALL that it had approved the Study Committee on Online Authentication of Legal Materials to investigate the issues and discuss the feasibility of creating a uniform law or model act. Timmons was named chair of the Study Committee and Barbara A. Bintliff served as AALL's observer.

Study Committee Documents:

During NCCUSL's July 2009 annual conference, the Executive Committee unanimously approved the Study Committee's recommendation to create a Drafting Committee on Authentication and Preservation of Electronic State Legal Materials. Timmons was named chair of the Drafting Committee, Barbara A. Bintliff served as the committee's reporter, and Keith Ann Stiverson was AALL's observer.

In July 2011, NCCUSL (now known as the Uniform Law Commission (ULC)) approved the Uniform Electronic Legal Material Act at its Annual Meeting in Vail, Colorado. 

For information about AALL's advocacy efforts on UELMA, please see UELMA Resources.