Public Relations Committee Reports: The Value Added by Law Librarians

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Law librarians provide the power to release the full value of information through research, evaluation, organization of information, and teaching.

Law librarians combine familiarity with the sources of law and an understanding of materials organization to provide the most efficient and effective access to legal information. Law librarians identify the best resources, whether print or online.

Law librarians use their expertise in the access to and organization of information to turn your organization’s data into a valuable resource.

Law librarians multiply their value by teaching others how to find and evaluate legal and non-legal information to suit their needs.

Law librarians can save time, reduce research costs, and prevent costly mistakes. Sorting through data, finding the most valuable information, finding the hidden treasures, managing data, and turning it into a valuable resource, can be done more quickly, efficiently, and cost effectively, with the help of a law librarian.

Here are just some of the specific ways law librarians add value:

Law librarians guide and maintain an organizations’ information resources, making appropriate materials available as they are needed.

Law librarians filter and distill information for researchers reducing wasted time and effort.

Law librarians prepare research guides to help researchers use the library and the Internet.

Law librarians share their expertise on the content of information sources. Without their expertise researchers are more likely to use inefficient, less current, and less valuable resources

Law librarians teach others to become more proficient researchers.

Law librarians share their expertise on the search strategies in uncovering important information. They help people use search engines effectively, or print resources, if that is more appropriate.

Law librarians find historical information the states' and the nation’s judges, lawyers, courts, and courthouses.

Law librarians can advise you about obtaining resources for your firm or law office law library most cost-effectively.

Law librarians help you research and organize needed information to prepare a speech or presentation.

Law librarians can conduct research in a cost-effective manner and can also coach others in the best methods of research. Law librarians also prevent missed opportunities, by ensuring that research is a thorough and comprehensive as it need be, again in the most cost-effective manner possible.

Law librarians help researchers even when the researchers don’t really know what they want. Law librarians use their knowledge of the kinds and types of information available to help researchers narrow down their needs and translate them into something that could actually be found.