Statement on the Value Added to Organizations by Law Librarians

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Drafted by the AALL Public Relations Committee
Approved by the AALL Executive Board, April 2003

Summary Statement

Law librarians are information managers, resource evaluators, access facilitators, expert researchers, teachers, and trainers. Law librarians possess the knowledge and skills to realize the full value of information in a changing work environment. Law librarians can bring value to organizations by reducing research time and information costs, thus saving money and resources.

Value Added by Law Librarians

As information evaluators, law librarians add value to your organization as they

  • Identify, select, and acquire the best information sources cost-effectively
  • Offer professional advice on how effectively to obtain and use information and technology
  • Stay abreast of cutting-edge information resources and technology, and share the knowledge with others
  • Eliminate repetition in research and development, by spreading information across the organization.

As information managers, law librarians add value to your organization as they

  • Make information resources accessible and user-friendly for users of both print and electronic media
  • Organize internal records and data for easy access and preservation
  • Sort through data, disseminate timely and relevant information to researchers
  • Gather and structure information for speakers, presenters and others in the public eye.

As expert researchers, law librarians add value to your organization as they

  • Conduct research and retrieve information quickly and cost-effectively
  • Gather scientific and marketing data for development of new products and services
  • Collect, maintain, and deliver information to achieve a competitive edge
  • Guide researchers with search strategies and information sources, saving time and reducing frustration
  • Investigate, recommend, and manage new technologies to enhance productivity.

As teachers and trainers, law librarians add value to your organization as they

  • Teach others how to choose and use information resources and technology for maximal benefits
  • Teach and train others to conduct online and print research effectively
  • Train and develop efficient researchers, saving time and money.