Encore Caucus

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The purposes of the Encore Caucus are:

  • To provide a forum for AALL members who are approaching the end of their careers or who are already retired, to continue long-time connections with colleagues, with the AALL, and with their profession;
  • To create a vibrant and strong network for effective communications among Encore Caucus members, to share common interests and to further their personal and professional activities;
  • To represent the interests of Encore Caucus members within the Association and to support the continued involvement of Encore Caucus members with AALL educational and advocacy activities;
  • To promote the skills, expertise, and knowledge of retired members;
  • To assist in mentoring and advising of AALL newer members and to collaborate, as needed and appropriate, with all AALL members; and
  • To serve as resources and sources of expertise for the AALL and its chapters and special interest sections.


Sarah (Sally) Holterhoff
Phone: (219) 510-2947
Email: sally.holterhoff@valpo.edu