Continuing Professional Education Policy

Approved by the AALL Executive Board, March 2007.
Revised April 2015

General Policy

The following policy governs AALL professional education and is intended to serve as guidelines for education strategy, program development and partnership opportunities. 

  • To provide members and non-members with educational opportunities consistent with the AALL Vision and AALL Strategic Directions.
  • To facilitate the provision of readily-available, high quality, replicable and timely educational programs, publications and services in a variety of formats, using all available and future technologies in order to enable members to stay current in the profession of law librarianship.
  • To provide members with educational opportunities enabling them to meet the criteria set out in the AALL Body of Knowledge (Approved by the Executive Board November 2017, Tab 9).
  • To provide non-members with comparable educational opportunities in our areas of expertise.
  • To engage in collaborative educational endeavors with for profit and not-for profit organizations, including AALL chapters.
  • To provide funding, when available and appropriate, to AALL entities such as caucuses, chapters, committees, SISs and individual AALL members to produce continuing education programming that meets these goals.
  • To work collaboratively with the AALL director of education and other AALL staff to achieve these goals.