Executive Director Compensation Policy

Approved by the Executive Board, April 2009, Tab 2.

The American Association of Law Libraries’ Executive Director Review procedure delegates to the Executive Director Review Committee (EDRC) general oversight of the executive director. Specific duties include yearly evaluation of the executive director and a recommendation to the executive board of the executive director’s compensation.

The EDRC meets independent of the executive director to discuss performance relative to the position description. During these deliberations, the EDRC also considers input obtained from other board members. The chair of the EDRC and the president then meet with the executive director to discuss and document strengths, weaknesses, and goals for the upcoming year.

The EDRC then meets to confirm the goals and consider compensation. The EDRC uses a competent salary survey such as the Association Forum of Chicagoland Compensation and Benefits Survey to benchmark compensation for the position. In addition to the Association Forum survey, the EDRC consults the annual budget prepared by the director of finance and administration. The annual budget contains a detailed schedule of compensation for employees and the executive director. The schedule calculates the budgeted salaries for the next fiscal year and includes a percentage increase that follows generally the average contained in the Association Forum survey.

Once the EDRC reaches a consensus regarding performance, it discusses compensation relative to the annual benchmark and established objectives. The EDRC presents its findings and recommendations for review and approval during an executive session at an executive board meeting. The executive director is not present during the presentation.

Following the executive board meeting, the EDRC chair and the president inform the executive director of the board’s compensation decision. In addition, the treasurer prepares a memorandum to the director of finance and administration detailing the executive board’s decision with respect to compensation.