Use of the American Association of Law Libraries’ Name Policy

Approved November 1998, Board Meeting, Minutes: Tab 9

Source of Authority to Use the AALL Name

The Executive Board of the American Association of Law Libraries, acting on behalf of the membership, has responsibility for controlling the use of the Association’s name.


The term “name” means the formal name of the Association, “American Association of Law Libraries,” and any variation thereof intended to identify the Association; the initials of the Association, however presented; and any symbol or graphic representation intended to convey the name of or to represent the Association.

Delegation of Authority

The AALL Executive Board may delegate to the Association’s Executive Director or other appropriate person or entity permission to use and/or to authorize the use of the Association’s name.

Criteria for Appropriate Use

When considering where to use or authorize the use of the Association’s name, the following criteria shall apply:

  1. The use should aid the Association in achieving its mission to promote and enhance the value of law libraries to the public, the legal community, and the world; to foster the profession of law librarianship, and to provide leadership in the field of legal information and information policy.
  2. The use should contribute directly to the realization of directives and initiatives stated in the current AALL Strategic Challenge.
  3. When the proposed activities include publishing, the use should conform to the AALL Publications Program Statement of Purpose.
  4.  The use should benefit the Association in the form of finances, expertise, experience, public relations, or in other ways; and the benefits of the use should justify any attendant costs to the Association.
  5. The use should involve reliable reporting mechanisms, regularly used. 6) The Association, and any partner(s), should evaluate the use at regular intervals.

Control of the Use by or With Another Party

When the Association enters into a relationship with another party that may involve the use of its name, the AALL Executive Board or its authorized delegate(s) must specify in a written agreement with the other party the terms and conditions under which the Association’s name may be used. Such written agreement should specify that appropriate reports and evaluations regarding such name use must be made periodically to AALL. The Association should confirm that the character, purpose, and activities of the proposed partner(s) are reputable and substantively related to the mission and activities of the Association, and that the specific activities proceeding from the relationship reflect common purposes and meet common needs of the partners.