Sponsorship Policy

Policy approved by the Executive Board April 2008, Tab 20.
Effective Date: October 1, 2008
Revised November 2015

A sponsorship is a mutually beneficial exchange whereby the sponsor receives value in return for cash or goods- or services-in-kind provided to the Association. A sponsorship with the Association requires a written letter defining the terms of the sponsorship, including any recognition to be provided to the sponsor, and must be signed by the Executive Director or designee of the Association. Sponsors shall not pay directly for hotel, meeting, meal or beverage expenses when such expenses are incurred in conjunction with Association activities, without the prior approval of the Executive Director.

The Association reserves the right to refuse any offer of sponsorship at its absolute discretion or to negotiate with the sponsor concerning any aspect of a proposed sponsorship. The Association has the right to refuse sponsorships provided by business entities that do not comply with Guide to Fair Business Practices for Legal Publishers. The Executive Director or designee, at the direction of the Executive Committee of the Association’s Board, is responsible for determining whether a sponsorship will be solicited and/or accepted based on an assessment of the best interests of the Association and the wishes of its members. The acceptance of sponsorships shall be consistent with the Association’s Strategic Directions and financial policies. Sponsorships do not imply endorsement of products or services by the Association. A sponsorship does not imply any exclusive arrangement with the Association. A sponsorship does not imply any grant of control or influence to the donor over the content of any Association activity, publication, position or policy.