Expense Reimbursement Policy

Revised and Approved by the Executive Board, July 2022, Tab 8

AALL Expense Reimbursement Form (PDF)
AALL Expense Reimbursement Form (XLSX)


The American Association of Law Libraries (AALL) covers the cost of travel and on-site expenses for its employees, Executive Board members, members, and others when traveling on official AALL business, under the conditions outlined below. AALL expects that travelers exercise good judgment in making arrangements that strike a balance between cost and convenience.

Significant departures from the policy must be approved by the AALL Executive Director before travel expenses are reimbursed. In all cases, reimbursement for travel expenses is limited to actual reasonable and necessary business-related expenses. All reimbursement requests should be submitted within 10 business days of completed travel.

All AALL members, including Executive Board members, pay for their own travel expenses and registration for the AALL Annual Meeting and Conference, unless otherwise noted in this policy.


Transportation authorized for AALL business travel includes automobile, rail, airlines, buses, taxis, and other usual means of conveyance. All travel is to be by the most economical mode of transportation consistent with reasonable convenience. Travel arrangements need to be made at least 21 days before the scheduled meeting to be eligible for reimbursement.

  1. Air and rail travel are to be coach or economy class.
  2. AALL does not reimburse for WIFI or upgraded seats.
  3. Fee for a single checked bag (each way) may also be reimbursed. Excess baggage fee will not be
  4. For automobile travel when a traveler drives his or her own car, the allowance is at the current IRS reimbursement rate per mile, plus cost of tolls and parking. The reimbursed cost for mileage cannot exceed what would have been the cost for coach or economy airfare or rail travel for that trip.
  5. Rental car must be approved in advance by the AALL Executive Director.
  6. Reimbursement will be provided for reasonable ground transportation to and from airport/rail


Hotel accommodations (room and tax only) for AALL meetings such as Executive Board and Committee meetings are charged to AALL’s master account. Every effort should be made to stay at these preferred properties. Exceptions may be requested by submitting justification in writing to AALL. Reimbursement will be no more than the rate quoted by AALL Headquarters, based on current group rates.


It is recognized that the cost of meals varies considerably among localities. This expense, including tips, should average no more than $100.00 per day. Please note this is not a per diem. No single meal reimbursement request should exceed $75.00. Receipts must be submitted for all expenses.


When circumstances merit, the President, Vice-President, or Executive Director may charge appropriate expenses for professional hospitality. The names of those entertained, and the date, time, and location should be included in the expense report.


Appropriate tips are an allowable expense. The following are acceptable practices:

  1. Waiters – generally 20% of meal cost
  2. Taxi Drivers – about 20% of taxi fares
  3. Bellboys – usually $2.00 per bag
  4. Housekeeping – $2 per day
  5. Valet Parking – generally $2.00


Reimbursement requests shall be submitted to the Director of Finance & Administration on approved expense reports accompanied by original receipts for each expense. Payment will not be authorized without the support of these receipts. Expense reports should be submitted within ten (10) business days of the completion of travel.

Reimbursement for expenses will be administered by the Director of Finance & Administration and approved by the Executive Director.


In addition to the GENERAL POLICIES set out above, the following specific policies will apply to the Annual Meeting.


Annual Meeting registration fees and fees for special events shall not be waived for AALL members. A valid registration is required for attendance at any program, meeting, or event held as part of the Annual Meeting. Annual Meeting attendance is expected of those whose participation includes program presentation, AALL leadership activities, or business conducted at the Annual Meeting. Members requiring financial assistance are encouraged to apply for grants administered by the Annual Meeting Grant Awards Jury.


  1. Executive Board: The President, Vice President/President-Elect and Immediate Past President are provided with complimentary accommodations at the Annual Meeting. All other members of the Executive Board pay for their own accommodations at the Annual Meeting. Accommodations and other expenses incurred during the extra days required to attend Board meetings are reimbursed upon prior request.
  2. Annual Meeting Program Committee: The Annual Meeting Program Committee Chair is provided with three nights complimentary accommodations (Saturday-Monday).
  3. The Chair of CONELL receives one night of complimentary accommodation (Friday night).


AALL members coordinating, moderating, or speaking on Annual Meeting programs must purchase a full conference registration or a single-day registration valid for the day of their program. AALL does not pay honoraria to AALL members for presentations at programs during the Annual Meeting and Conference.


AALL does not provide honoraria to non-member speakers or reimburse them for travel, room, meals, or other expenses. In some cases, AALL may make limited exceptions to this policy in accordance with the Annual Meeting budget and the speaker’s ability to provide unique perspectives and contributions to the Annual Meeting program.

AALL will provide a complimentary single-day registration for non-member speakers who work outside the legal information profession, would not otherwise have reason to be a member of AALL, and have not previously been a member of AALL.


With the exception of the Marian Gould Gallagher Award, expenses for a member of AALL receiving an honor and/or award at the Annual Meeting are not reimbursed by AALL unless specifically authorized in advance by the Executive Director. All other awards recipients do not receive any travel reimbursements.

AALL reimburses only the Marian Gould Gallagher Award recipient(s) for (receipts are required):

  1. Coach airfare (no upgraded seats) and at least 21 days in advance.
  2. Reasonable ground transportation to and from airport/rail station.
  3. Complimentary conference registration (Accompanying guest may also receive this complimentary registration. The guest companion cannot be an AALL member.)
  4. Accommodations for two nights in one of AALL’s contracted hotels
  5. Standard meal allowance for two days for recipient only ($100 per day maximum/$75 per meal maximum) with receipts. (This is not a per diem).
  6. Complimentary ticket to the Association Luncheon where award will be presented (Complimentary ticket is also available for one guest.)
  7. AALL does not reimburse expenses for travel or meals for award winner’s guest.

Gallagher recipient(s) are responsible for making their own travel arrangements and submitting receipts for reimbursement to AALL Headquarters. Gallagher recipient(s) will be contacted by AALL Headquarters to make accommodation arrangements and confirm complimentary registration(s) and luncheon tickets.


AALL offers educational opportunities throughout the year separate from the Annual Meeting and Conference. These events may include webinars and other e-learning courses, or in-person seminars such as regional institutes or pre- or post-conference workshops. AALL may compensate content developers, instructors, facilitators, and speakers – both members and nonmembers – for their contributions to these programs. These contributors may also be reimbursed for the added expense of participating in the event, including travel and accommodations. All compensation and reimbursable expenses must be identified in advance and included in the approved budget. Requests for reimbursement must be submitted in accordance with AALL’s TRANSPORTATION and HOTEL ACCOMMODATIONS policies as specified above. Members participating in this capacity are not expected to pay registration fees for these events.