Strategic Plan

Approved by the Executive Board April 2022

AALL’s Mission, Vision and Values

Mission: We advocate for access to legal information and support the legal information profession by cultivating the growth of our members, connecting them with each other, and championing the value of legal information and legal information professionals.

Vision: Position AALL members as the recognized authority and experts in all aspects of legal information.

2022-2025 AALL Strategic Plan

Goal 1: Championing Excellence

Ensure AALL and its members are recognized as the go-to experts for legal information and legal information professionals.


  • Provide tools for legal information professionals to communicate their value to their institutions
  • Promote the value of legal information professionals to legal and non-legal information professional organizations
  • Maintain a database of member expertise to promote member visibility
  • Strategically promote awards and recognitions to affinity organizations, media, and the public

Goal 2: Professional Growth

Provide opportunities for professional development and leadership experiences to elevate legal information professionals.


  • Expand current AALL leadership trainings
  • Develop a mechanism for members to track their professional journey tied to the Body of Knowledge (BoK) competencies
  • Define and develop micro-volunteering opportunities and provide tracking capability
  • Develop new and expand current micro-learning opportunities
  • Communicate better degree requirements and career options

Goal 3: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Recognize systemic barriers to DEI and commit to building an association that embraces differences, lifts-up members, and removes barriers to full participation in AALL and the legal information profession.


  • Equip members with tools and resources to address and advocate for DEI in their organizations
  • Conduct outreach within AALL affiliate organizations to diversify AALL membership
  • Create an executive summary from the IDEA Special Committee report and promote to membership
  • Work toward recognition of other degrees as a substitute for the Juris Doctor (JD)

Goal 4: Pipeline to the Profession

Identify, engage, and guide future legal information professionals.


  • Develop outreach programs
  • Promote law librarianship to prospective members
  • Create a page for students on AALLNET
  • Develop a legal research bootcamp program
  • Communicate the professional identity of law librarians

Goal 5: Advocacy

Advocate for issues that impact the legal information profession.


  • Create trainings for members to advocate for issues that impact the profession
  • Identify more opportunities at the federal government level for member participation
  • Explore and expand collaborations with affiliate organizations and agencies on legal information issues