Strategic Plan

Approved by the Executive Board July 2019

AALL’s Mission, Vision and Values

Vision: Position AALL members as the recognized authority and experts in all aspects of legal information.

Mission: The American Association of Law Libraries advances the profession of law librarianship and legal information and supports the professional growth of its members through leadership and advocacy in the field of legal information and information policy.

Core Purpose: AALL advances the professional growth of AALL members and the profession of law librarianship and legal information professionals.

Core Organizational Values

  • Lifelong learning and intellectual growth.
  • Commitment to diversity and inclusion.
  • Equitable and permanent public access to trustworthy legal information.
  • Continuous improvement in access to justice.
  • Community and collaboration.
  • The essential role of law librarians and legal information professionals within their organizations and within their community.

2019-2022 AALL Strategic Plan


Goal: AALL is a strong, inclusive association that positions its diverse and growing membership as thought leaders and influencers within the legal information industry.

Objectives to Drive Success:

  1. Objective: Drive adoption of AALL Body of Knowledge for professional competencies and development of ways for members to demonstrate these.Success measures: Members demonstrate competency in critical areas; increased participation in education/learning around emerging competencies; improved educational systems.
  2. Objective: Optimize the current membership model as it relates to changing profession and scope to broaden AALL’s reach and grow the membership.Success measures: Growth in relevant member categories; growth in overall membership.
  3. Objective: Support the development of courses, credentials or micro learning, as appropriate, and encourage current practitioners to pursue those for professional growth and advancement.Success measures: Successful creation and implementation of new courses.
  4. Objective: Develop a clear, compelling definition for the profession that embraces its unique future-facing role in the legal information sector and create benchmarks for charting the profession’s evolution and growth.Success measures: Growth in the profession (based on established benchmarks); growth in diversity of the profession


Goal: AALL is the hub for the legal information profession where members and key stakeholders meaningfully connect with each other and with the association.

Objectives to Drive Success:

  1. Objective: Develop comprehensive engagement strategy – focused on members and including key stakeholders – built on a full engagement continuum (advocacy, participation in AALL programs).Success measures: increased engagement as tracked through engagement analytics, social media/data.
  2. Objective: Develop strategy and methodology for tracking member and key stakeholders’ collaboration.Success measures: greater collaboration within and between AALL entities (SISs, communities, committees); greater number of programs, services, initiatives for members.
  3. Objective: Create a comprehensive volunteer pathway with identified competencies, including volunteer development strategy which engages a diverse group of AALL volunteers.Success measures: Increased volunteerism and diversity in the volunteer pool as tracked by volunteer data, increased volunteer satisfaction as tracked by volunteer surveys, and demonstrated connection to profession’s competencies


Goal: AALL has a strong network of strategic partners and collaborators increasing our capacity to lead the legal information profession.

Objectives to Drive Success:

  1. Objective: Develop a strategic alliance initiative defining parameters for developing partnerships, alliances and collaborations.Success measures: Strong viable relationships with other groups that have expanded our capabilities, aided in advocacy, and extended the brand image for the profession and association.
  2. Objective: Develop a strategic initiative that strengthens the partnership and creates a mutually beneficial relationship with our internal stakeholders including SISs and Chapters.Success measures: Increased collaboration with internal stakeholders and, where appropriate supporting collaboration among chapters, as tracked by activity and member surveys.


AALL Strategic Plan Graphic