Annual Meeting Program Committee

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The Annual Meeting Program Committee (AMPC) is responsible for objectively and thoroughly reviewing and selecting programs for the AALL Annual Meeting & Conference to meet the educational and professional needs of law librarians and legal information professionals.


The AMPC shall solicit, review, select, guide, and curate programs most relevant to the needs of the AALL Annual Meeting & Conference attendees. The AALL Body of Knowledge (BoK) should be used as the foundation of educational programming. These programs must include the identified “must haves” of each BoK domain.


  • Virtual orientation and training are required of all AMPC members.
  • The AMPC Chair, Vice-Chair, and Team Leaders are required to attend a program selection meeting in person or virtually during late fall/early winter.
  • The committee’s heaviest activity occurs as proposals are solicited, reviewed, selected, and sometimes curated.
  • Committee members are assigned as liaisons to accepted or curated programs. The liaison works with program coordinators throughout the time leading to the Annual Meeting & Conference.
  • If present at the Annual Meeting, committee members may be asked to participate in on-site AMPC support.


Recent attendance at one or more Annual Meetings is preferred. Experience with developing and reviewing programs for various educational needs is also preferred.


Membership on the committee will be for a one-year term (except for the Vice Chair). Term starts right after the Annual Meeting & Conference with an orientation/training being offered before the official term begins.


The AMPC consists of a Chair, Vice Chair, Team Leaders based on the number of BoK Domains, and six Content Team Members for each domain, a non-voting Executive Board liaison, and a staff liaison. The AALL President serves as Executive Board liaison to the Committee. The AMPC Content Teams will consist of seven members, one Team Leader and six Content Team Members for each BoK domain.

The AMPC Team Leaders are each assigned to lead one of the AALL Body of Knowledge domains. The AMPC Content Team Members are each assigned to one of the BoK domains to provide expertise on topics that fall within that BoK domain.


  • Goal 1: Championing Excellence
  • Goal 2: Professional Growth
  • Goal 3: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • Goal 4: Pipeline to the Profession
  • Goal 5: Advocacy


The Annual Meeting Program Committee works with SISs, committees, headquarters staff, and key stakeholders.