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The purpose of the Annual Meeting Program Committee is to select programs for the Annual Meeting that meet member needs and support the AALL Body of Knowledge (BoK).


The AMPC shall solicit, review, select, and guide/curate the programs that are most relevant to meet the educational needs of members and to support the AALL Body of Knowledge. There are two types of AMPC Volunteers: 1) AMPC Team Leaders, a group consisting of a Chair and six team leaders. The Team Leaders are assisted by a group of subject experts known as 2) AMPC Content Team Members. There are six content areas, each of which will have six to eight Content Team Members to provide additional expertise in the particular topic area.


Virtual orientation and training is required of all AMPC members, and is conducted roughly 12-15 months before the committee’s Annual Meeting & Conference. All AMPC members are required to attend the preceding year’s Annual Meeting & Conference in July. AMPC Team Leaders are also required to attend a second face-to-face meeting, the program selection meeting in Chicago in November. The summer and fall (and part of the winter) preceding the committee’s Annual Meeting & Conference see the heaviest activity, as proposals are solicited, reviewed, selected, and sometimes curated. Committee members continue to work with program coordinators throughout the time leading to the Annual Meeting & Conference.


Meeting and program planning experience is required for AMPC Team Leaders, and desirable for all AMPC volunteers. Recent attendance at one or more Annual Meetings is preferred. All AMPC members must be able to commit a substantial amount of time to committee work throughout their appointment. Workloads may vary as new educational and programming initiatives are implemented for the Annual Meeting.


Membership on the committee shall normally be from the time of appointment through the completion of the Annual Meeting being planned.


The AMPC Team Leaders consist of a Chair, six members, a non-voting Executive Board liaison, and a staff liaison. Normally the Vice President/President-elect who appoints the Committee serves as liaison and continues in that capacity as President. The six AMPC Content Teams will consist of six to eight members each. The Chair of the following year’s Annual Meeting Program Committee serves as an ex-officio member of the Committee.


  • Goal I: Talent
  • Goal II: Engagement
  • Goal III: Alliances


The Annual Meeting Program Committee works with SISs, committees, headquarters staff, and others. Each special interest section is assigned a liaison from the AMPC.

The chair of the Continuing Professional Education Committee serves as an ex-officio member of the Annual Meeting Program Committee, and the chair of the Annual Meeting Program Committee serves as an ex-officio member of the Continuing Professional Education Committee.

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