AALL Archives Policy Review and Digital Repository Special Committee

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Special Committee


To review the current policy and process for digitizing and archiving AALL content.


  • To review the current state of the archives and establish a process for determining which materials have no historical value and consequently should be discarded.
  • Determine which existing print materials are suitable for a collaborative free mass digitization project.
  • The committee will also explore options for establishing an AALL digital repository for the ingestion and preservation of current materials, especially born digital materials to be archived.
  • The committee will examine the economic feasibility and advisability of renewing the current contract to house existing archives at the University of Illinois on existing terms.
  • The committee will propose viable alternatives such as a permanent gratis law library host for AALL archives.

Time Commitment

The committee will meet virtually as necessary to complete its work, and make its report and recommendation by February 16 for consideration by the Executive Board prior to the winter Finance & Budget committee meeting. It might be necessary for a small sub group (no more than 3) to visit archives at the University of Illinois.


Members on the Archives Policy Review and Digital Repository Special Committee will serve a term of approximately one year. The term ends with the completion of the project


The committee shall consist of two co- chairs, 5 members and a non-voting Executive Board and staff liaison

Strategic Directions Compliance

  • Goal I: Knowledge
  • Goal II: Community

Relationship to Other Committees/Entities

The committee works with a liaison from both the Executive Board and AALL staff.