Annual Meeting Responsibilities

Planning for the Annual Meeting

Committee Meetings

Committee chairs will be notified of the time periods in which committee meetings should be scheduled and the date meeting time requests are due. The current chair should schedule a joint meeting of both the outgoing and incoming committee members. Transfer files to the new chair in a timely manner, after determining which materials are appropriate for the AALL Archives.

Educational Programs

Ideas for educational programs and discussion groups may be generated by any individual or group, including committees, within the Association. The final content of the program and the scheduling of the program are the responsibility of the AALL Annual Meeting Program Committee. Association committees are expected to work with the program chair in preparing for the Annual Meeting.

All committee activities during the Annual Meeting of the Association which may have an impact on the convention program are to be cleared with the AALL Annual Meeting Program Committee Chair.

Conduct of Committee Meetings

AALL uses Sturgis Standard Code of Parliamentary Procedure, which gives the chair great power and latitude. It is not necessary to be formal in the application of rules and procedure in a committee meeting provided discussion is amicable and the group has a common, understood goal. When the discussion is not amicable, and the goal is not generally understood, it may be necessary to use parliamentary motions as the means to focus discussion on the appropriate agenda item.

Throughout the discussion, be sure that everyone has an opportunity to speak. Check in on members who have been quiet in the event that they feel intimidated by the more aggressive speakers.

Ask one of your Committee members to take minutes so that you will have an accurate record of your discussions. Don’t try to do this exclusively yourself as it is very difficult to both conduct the meeting and take complete notes.

All AALL committee meetings must be open to all members who wish to attend, except those meetings where confidential deliberation must be maintained, such as discussions on nominations, scholarships, and awards.

Chair Attendance at Other Meetings

Committee Chairs Meeting

 In addition to the committee’s meetings, incoming committee chairs are expected to attend a meeting with the Vice-President which typically takes place on Saturday afternoon of the Annual Meeting. Contact the Vice-President in advance if you are unable to attend.

Executive Board

The committee chair shall attend the Executive Board meeting when requested to do so by the liaison or the President, or when necessary to present an agenda item. If the chair is unable to attend the meeting, s/he shall designate a committee member who can speak for the committee as committee representative.