Roles & Responsibilities of the Chair, Board Liaison & Staff Liaison

Role of the Committee/Jury Chair

  • Review the committee/jury charge with the group
  • Guide the committee/jury through its work
  • Work with the outgoing chair about the year’s major events and ongoing work/projects
  • Consult with your Executive Board liaison as you plan your work for the year
  • Work closely with co-chair or vice-chair while planning the committee’s work
  • Discuss with the committee/jury how the committee/jury work can support the major tenets of the AALL's Strategic Directions
  • Plan agendas for meetings or conference calls
  • Include all members in discussions about the year’s activities; if they cannot attend
    • Speak with them prior to the meeting to discuss possible assignments or interests
    • Divide tasks and ask for volunteers
    • Be sure everyone has an assignment
  • As soon as possible after each meeting, provide follow-up to your members including:
    • Summary of the decisions that were made
    • List of assignments and due dates
  • Consider holding monthly conference calls or send monthly email updates
  • Contact the staff liaison to schedule committee/jury conference calls (video feature option available)
  • Share all drafts, final reports, and board actions with the entire committee/jury

Role of the Board Liaison

  • Facilitate the work of the committee/jury
  • Clarify the charge and the year’s activities as they relate to the AALL Strategic Directions
  • Communicate often with your members throughout the year to check on their progress
  • Encourage all committee/jury leaders to use the committee/jury community
  • Answer any questions or advise the group of deadlines, when certain reports are due, or who to contact at headquarters for certain information
  • Manage communication between the committee/jury and the Executive Board
  • Advise on AALL policy
  • Share resources available to help your committee/jury do its work
  • Coordinate your work with that of other committees, juries, and SISs, etc., to help you:
    • Avoid duplicating efforts or working at cross-purposes
    • Understand how your Committee’s work fits into AALL’s overall activities or initiatives
    • How your Committee’s work supports AALL’s Strategic Directions
  • Assist in submitting and presenting Executive Board agenda items and reporting results back to the committee/jury

Role of the Staff Liaison

  • Assist the board liaison when submitting and presenting Executive Board agenda items and reporting results back to the committee/jury
  • Assist the leadership groups with setting up conference calls or webinars
  • Support the board liaison
  • Revise or update committee/jury charges on AALLNET when necessary
  • Report committee/jury activity, project, or action items to AALL staff