AALL Ethical Principles Special Committee

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Special Committee


To review and update the current ethical principles for the Association last approved by the Executive Board and AALL membership in 1999.


The committee will review the current ethical principles and amend, modify and expand where necessary.

Time Commitment

The committee will meet virtually as necessary to complete its work, and make its report and recommendation for consideration by the Executive Board prior to the spring Board meeting.


Members on the Ethical Principles Special Committee will serve a term of approximately one year. The term ends with the completion of the project.


The committee shall consist of a chair and 4 members and a non-voting Executive Board and staff liaison.

Strategic Directions Compliance

  • Goal I: Knowledge
  • Goal II: Community
  • Goal III: Leadership

Relationship to Other Committees/Entities

The committee works with a liaison from both the Executive Board and AALL staff.