Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity Awareness Special Committee

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Special Committee


The Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Awareness (IDEA) Special Committee shall review diversity, inclusion & equity efforts within AALL and law librarianship and report the findings to the board.


The committee shall:

  • Create a roadmap for AALL to commit to Diversity, Inclusion and Equity initiatives for the future. Options may include:
    • Extending the work of this special committee to continue beyond this year by recommending that these initiatives become part of the AALL Diversity and Inclusion Committee’s charge and/or,
    • increasing the size of the Diversity & Inclusion committee and updating the committee’s charge, and
    • reviewing the needs of AALL affinity groups and chapters and identifying opportunities for collaboration, including with AALL’s Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Committee for educational programming, etc.
  • Evaluate the possibility of:
    • Reviewing pay equity issues for law librarians and legal information professionals with respect to race
    • Creating a new online Community for members to share stories and experiences
    • Creating and exploring advocacy for race-based training in the workplace
  • Provide updates and suggestions to improve AALL’s Anti-Racism, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Updates & Resources website.
  • Prepare and moderate roundtable discussion at AALL’s 2021 Annual Meeting and Conference regarding the work of the committee and plans for moving forward. Recommend whether or not these roundtables should be part of future AALL annual meetings.
  • Work with the CPE Committee to explore and recommend options for AALL to provide implicit bias training to members.
  • Work with AALL Headquarter to review and assess if there are opportunities to bring paraprofessionals and support staff into AALL.
  • Work with executive director and Diversity & Inclusion Committee to create D&I&E Policy for AALL.
  • Evaluate whether current AALL practices, policies, procedures and processes that impact members and stakeholders create institutional and structural racism and make recommendations on how to revise and overcome such practices.

    Due date: Preliminary report documenting accomplishments for Spring Executive Board Meeting.


Complete responsibilities as assigned by Chair.


Members of the Special Committee serve a term of one year.


The IDEA Special Committee consists of eleven members (including one Chair), an Executive Board liaison, and an AALL staff liaison. The liaisons are not members of the Special Committee.


  • Goal I: Talent
  • Goal II: Engagement
  • Goal III: Alliances


Interface with AALL Diversity & Inclusion Committee, other Committees, Juries and Chapters.