Law Librarianship as a Career Guidance Review Special Committee

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Special Committee


The Law Librarianship as a Career Guidance Review Special Committee shall research  the current status of the career of law librarianship and report the findings to the AALL Executive Board.


Building upon recommendations from the Committee’s report, the committee shall:

  • Research the visibility of law librarianship as a career path for library and information science graduate students and JD students looking for a JD-advantage career.
  • Present a final report to the AALL Executive Board at its 2021 Summer meeting.
  • Roadmap for next year and beyond, including:
    • Proposal of a standing committee and their charge
    • Creation of legal research bootcamp course and identify other possibilities
    • Identify other needs that AALL can offer for newer information professionals (professional development, Community, etc.)
    • Recommend a strategic marketing plan for recruitment to the profession to include among other things:
      • Creation of a Student / Prospective Student section on AALLNET
      • Creation of new promotional or revisions to existing promotional materials for existing and prospective library science students
      • Research and review what other library associations are doing to combat common misconceptions about the MLS degree and identify potential partnerships
      • Identify other strategies to boost awareness of the legal information profession


Complete responsibilities as assigned by Chair.


Members of the Special Committee are appointed by the AALL President and serve a term of one year.


The Law Librarianship as a Career Guidance Review Special Committee consists of twelve members (including one Chair), an Executive Board liaison, and an AALL staff liaison. The liaisons are not members of the Special Committee.


  • Goal I: Talent
  • Goal III: Alliances


Seek input from AALL Committees, SISs, and Chapters to review mentoring opportunities, educational opportunities and needs for new law librarians and information professionals.

Work with the current AALL Diversity and Inclusion Committee and the new AALL Special Committee to review and identify possible opportunities for raising awareness of law librarianship as a profession for potential and current racially and ethnically diverse MLS students.