State of the Profession Advisory Group

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The Advisory Group provides input for the successful completion of the State of the Profession Survey.


We are seeking an Advisory Group to lend their expertise and counsel so the report is as timely, accurate, and complete as possible.

The State of the Profession Survey will document the current landscape of law libraries, specific to each library type, and will provide benchmarking in the following areas: Technology, collections and library resources, constituent services, institutional outcomes, research competencies, training, staffing, and leadership.

The purpose of the State of the Profession Survey is to provide members and their organizations with the information and insights they need to effectively assess, advocate, and strategically prepare for the future.

Members will be expected to provide expertise on one or more of the following:

  • Academic Law Libraries
  • Government Law Libraries
  • Private Law Libraries
  • Technology Needs
  • Collections and Library Resources
  • Constituent Services
  • Institutional Outcomes
  • Research Competencies
  • Training
  • Staffing
  • Leadership


The Advisory Group takes part in monthly conference calls to track the Survey‘s progress and complete responsibilities as assigned.


Members of the board reflect the diversity of AALL members in terms of library type, areas of subject interest, and age, gender, and minority status. Qualified candidates will have strong professional networks they are comfortable engaging in service to the project.


Members on the State of the Profession Survey Advisory Group serve a term of approximately one year. The term ends with the completion of the project.


The State of the Profession Survey Advisory Group consists of nine members and a liaison from both the Executive Board and AALL staff.


  • Goal I: Knowledge
  • Goal II: Community
  • Goal III: Leadership


The State of the Profession Survey Advisory Group works with a liaison from both the Executive Board and AALL staff.