George A. Strait Scholarship & Fellows Committee

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Process Committee


The Committee is responsible for the selection and oversight of the George A. Strait scholarship and fellows program.


The Committee shall be charged with:

  • Develop plan and define process for the application procedures and timeline to award scholarships and fellowships.
  • Review of applications for the George A. Strait Minority Scholarship and Fellows Program. The George A. Strait Minority Scholarships and fellowships are awarded to college graduates with law library experience who are members of a minority group as defined by current U.S. government guidelines and are degree candidates in accredited library or law schools and who intend to have a career in law librarianship.
  • Select and award both the scholarship and fellows awards.
  • Identify and work with law libraries to place current and future fellowship recipients.
  • Work with fellowship recipients on placement for their fellowship within a host institution.
  • Review and approve final fellowship reports.


Work to develop the process for a new program model, including all appropriate documentation.  Once the program is fully developed the committee members will review applications for both fellowship and scholarship awards.  Members will then work to help place fellows in host library institutions. The committee will also be responsible for reviewing and approving final reports submitted by fellows, and on-going work during the year to identify host institutions for fellowship placement.


Membership on the committee shall normally be for two (2) years, except that the vice chair and chair will each serve three (3) years. The member selected as vice chair at the end of the first year will serve in that capacity in the second year, and become chair in the third year.


The Committee shall normally consist of a chair, vice chair, five (5) members, a non-voting Executive Board liaison, and a staff liaison.


  • Goal 1: Championing Excellence
  • Goal 2: Professional Growth
  • Goal 3: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • Goal 4: Pipeline to the Profession