Scholarships & Grants

ALL-SIS recognizes and supports its members’ contributions to the profession in many ways. Grants are given by the both the Awards and Research & Scholarship committees. Information about applying for a grant is at Apply or Nominate.


  • Active Member Stimulus Grant is given to a law librarian with a record of demonstrated service to ALL-SIS and demonstrated financial need. The grant is intended to aid the recipient in attending the AALL Annual Meeting.
  • Regular Member Stimulus Grant is given to a law librarian with demonstrated financial need. The grant is intended to aid the recipient in attending the AALL Annual Meeting.
  • CONELL Grant. Since 2005, this grant is given to a newer law librarian to attend CONELL. The grant covers CONELL registration and a hotel room for one night. The Conference of Newer Law Librarians (CONELL) is held every year in conjunction with the AALL Annual Meeting. The purpose of the CONELL Grant is to promote participation by newer academic law librarians in AALL and the ALL-SIS.
  • Other Grants. ALL-SIS offers occasional grants for section members to attend various AALL institutes, events, and meetings. For example, the AALL Management Institute and Leadership Academy programs are frequently supported.


  • Research & Scholarship grants support innovative research that is expected to result in publication in a scholarly form, such as a journal, conference, book, or other form that is approved by the ALL-SIS Research and Scholarship Committee


2018 Awards Announcement
Active Member Stimulus Grant: Carol Bredemeyer, Northern Kentucky Univ. Chase College of Law Library
Regular Member Stimulus Grant: Jennifer Wondraceck, UNT Dallas College of Law
CONELL Grant: Niki Catlin, University of St. Thomas Schoenecker Law Library
Leadership Academy Grant: Zanada Joyner,  North Carolina Central Univ. School of Law Library; AJ Blechner, Harvard Law School Library; Patrick Parsons, Georgia State Univ. College of Law Library

2017 Awards Announcement
Active Member Stimulus Grant: Susan Catterall, Central Piedmont Community College
Regular Member Stimulus Grant: Anne Mostad-Jensen, Thormodsgard Law Library
CONELL Grant: Gail McDonald, Fordham University School of Law; Sarah C. Slinger, University of Arizona
Management Institute Grants: Jessica Hanes, University of Michigan Law Library; Anna Lawless-Collins, Boston University School of Law

2016 Awards Announcement
Active Member Stimulus: Creighton Miller, Washburn University
Regular Member Stimulus: Ashley Sundin, Gonzaga University
CONELL: Casandra Laskowski, University of Arizona; Susan Urban, Oklahoma City University
Leadership Academy Grant : Susan Gaultier, Louisiana State University; Benjamin Keele, Indiana University–Indianapolis; Austin Williams, North Carolina Central University School of Law Library

2015 Awards Announcement
Active Member Stimulus: Susan David deMaine, Indiana University–Indianapolis; I-Wei Wang, University of California
Regular Member Stimulus: Karen Selden, University of Colorado
CONELL: Grace Lee, University of Washington

2014 Awards Announcement
Active Member Stimulus: Ronald E. Wheeler, University of San Francisco
Regular Member Stimulus: Laura Ross, Touro College
CONELL: Matthew E. Flyntz, University of Washington; Tara Mospan, Arizona State University
Leadership Academy Grant : Patrick Butler, University of Connecticut

2013 Awards Announcement
Active Member Stimulus: Frances Brillantine, Catholic University
Regular Member: Emily Roberts, Congressional Research Service
CONELL: Stacy F. Posillico, Touro College; Isaac E. Samuels, Touro College
Management Institute: Maribel Hilo Nash, Northwestern University

2012 Awards Announcement
Active Member Stimulus: Sara Sampson, University of North Carolina
Regular Member Stimulus: Michelle Cosby, North Carolina Central University
CONELL: 2012 : Kelly M. Leong, Duke University; Jennifer Martin Rice, Northern Kentucky University

2011 Awards Announcement
Regular Member Stimulus: Deborah Darin and Ping Tian
CONELL: Irene Crisci and Jingjing Zhang
Leadership Academy: Jennifer L. Wondracek

2010 Awards Announcement
CONELL: Theresa Strike

2007 Awards Announcement
CONELL: Yu-Hui Chang

2006 Awards Announcement
Centennial Scholarship: Emily M. Janoski-Haehlen; Sarah Glassmeyer
CONELL: Elizabeth Outler

2005 Awards Announcement
CONELL: Joy Hanson