Marketing & Outreach Toolkit

An Ongoing Project of the ALL-SIS Library Marketing & Outreach Committee


I am pleased to announce the launch of the ALL-SIS Academic Law Library Marketing & Outreach Toolkit. During the summer of 2011, this Task Force was formed with the purpose of creating a White Paper and compiling a Toolkit of materials to assist academic law libraries in marketing their services to their users. It is our belief that these two resources complement each other and are best used together.

There are as many approaches to marketing and outreach as there are libraries. With that principle in mind, we realized early on that we could not create a template for all libraries to use in their marketing efforts. Instead, we focused on finding real-life examples of marketing and outreach materials and plans from as many libraries as we could.

The resources included in the Toolkit were gathered over the past eighteen months thanks both to the tireless efforts of our Task Force members and the generosity of ALL-SIS members. We have compiled examples of marketing materials, from library logos to exhibits and brochures. You will also find examples of marketing, outreach, and social media plans, among others.

This Task Force will continue on as an ALL-SIS committee next year, and is our hope that this Toolkit will become a dynamic resource for our community, one that grows and changes as new ideas come forward. We are indebted to those law librarians who were willing to share materials for the Toolkit, as well as the many people who reached out to us at our roundtable in Boston and via email. We have learned so much from all of you. Since our goal is that this toolkit remain a dynamic resource, we would be grateful for any future submissions. If you or your library have materials that would fit into this Toolkit, please send them to us for inclusion.

Finally, I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge the fine work done by the ALL-SIS Marketing Toolkit Task Force in 2003-04. This task force, chaired by Barbara Bintliff, produced a wonderful Toolkit that exists today. It was our goal to add to this resource, not replace it, and I believe that it remains a useful tool today. I hope that our Toolkit adds to the conversation that was started then, and I hope that you find it useful in your marketing and outreach efforts.


Amanda Runyon, Chair, ALL-SIS Task Force on Library Marketing & Outreach

Members of the ALL-SIS Task Force on Library Marketing & Outreach
Amanda Runyon, Chair, University of Michigan
Carol Watson, Vice-Chair, University of Georgia
L. Cindy Dabney, Indiana University – Bloomington
Liz McCurry Johnson, Wake Forest University
Emily Lawson, University of Houston
Shira Megerman, University of Florida
Jamie Sommer, John Marshall Law School
T.J. Striepe, University of Georgia
Michele Thomas, University of Arkansas – Little Rock

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