Black Law Librarians SIS

The Black Law Librarians SIS (BLL-SIS) is committed to providing a conducive environment for Black Law Librarians and other affiliate law librarian members to connect with one another, to encourage and support each other while developing lifetime learners and innovators in the profession. The intention of this section is to build upon the work of the caucus by providing an important additional voice in the AALL organization, increasing the knowledge and abilities of our members, and assisting them in their growth as they build rewarding careers.

In order to accomplish our goals, this section will focus its energy on:

  • Providing opportunities to increase the professional knowledge and abilities of our members through educational and leadership training and programs;
  • Encouraging collaboration and exploration of new methods, resources, and technologies with other members, caucuses, and SISs;
  • Providing mechanisms for active recruitment and retention of Black Law Librarians while providing networking and mentoring opportunities for newer and established members; and,
  • Promoting and highlighting the contributions and innovations of our membership to the broader organization and profession.