Membership Committee


The BLL-SIS Membership Committee shall be responsible for the following:

  • Working with AALL to identify potential new members for BLL-SIS;
  • Creating, maintaining, and disseminating a virtual “Welcome Kit” for new BLL-SIS members in collaboration with the BLL-SIS Marketing and Public Relations Committee;
  • Developing a recruitment and retention plan to recruit new BLL-SIS members and to ensure that current BLL-SIS members continue to remain members in future years;
  • Regularly spotlighting new BLL-SIS members through the BLL-SIS listserv and other BLL-SIS social media outlets in collaboration with the BLL-SIS Marketing & Public Relations Committee; and
  • Completing other relevant tasks and projects as deemed appropriate by the BLL-SIS Executive Board.

2021-2022 Membership Roster

Gail Mathapo, Chair (2023)
Shira Megerman, Member (2022)
Arial Scotese, Member (2022)
Miriam Childs, Board Liaison (2022)