Mentor Program

We are Stronger, Smarter & More Successful Together

The goal of mentoring is to develop the next generation of law librarians and legal information professionals by pairing experienced individuals with those who want to learn more about the legal information profession. AALL believes that supporting healthy relationships between mentors and mentees provides immediate and long-term benefits for the individuals as well as for the legal information profession.

Whether you're a newer member looking for advice, an experienced member hoping to give back to your profession, or a mid-career member contemplating a job change, AALL's Mentor Program is a valuable resource.

AALL's Mentor Program provides:

  • Newer members: an informal, personal source of valuable insight and advice on charting your career path as a law librarian
  • Experienced members: an avenue to lend your knowledge and experience to promising new members of the profession and strengthen the future of law librarianship
  • Mid-career members: a network for law librarians who are contemplating a move to another type of library or taking on a new job responsibility

How Do I Get Connected?

No AI Here!

AALL staff personally matches mentors and mentees using your preferred criteria. We then facilitate introductions and offer suggestions to help you build mutually beneficial relationships. Simply fill out the form to get started.



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