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April 2021

Tammy on rejoining AALL and why she loves AALL Spectrum and LLJ

Tammy R. P. Oltz is the Law Library Director at University of North Dakota School of Law Thormodsgard Law Library in Grand Forks, North Dakota.


I actually joined AALL twice. The first time, I joined as a student member when I was still earning my MSI. At that time, I joined to learn more about law librarianship, take advantage of scholarship and publishing opportunities, and begin networking in the profession. After working as reference librarian for two years, I left law librarianship for a while - first for a career services position and then for a law faculty position. Eventually, I found my way back to law librarianship as a Director, and the first thing I did was rejoin AALL. This time, I joined to catch up with what I had missed during my years out of law librarianship. The person in the position before me had retired and wasn't around to give advice, and I had been out of the field for a few years, so it was a pretty big learning curve when I started as a Director. AALL was essential to helping me succeed on the job. 

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