Launched July 2017, AALL's Member-Get-a-Member Program empowers our members to be ambassadors to the Association.

Thank you to our dedicated members who are helping to create a more vibrant Association by invitingĀ peers, colleagues, and staff and to join AALL.


Three Members Recruited

Cynthia Condit

Two Members Recruited

Sooin Kim
Connie Lenz
Lori Martin

ONE Member Recruited

Kathleen Agno
Anthony Amabile
Therese Arado Clarke
Sara Billard
Johanna Bizub
Dr. Yvonne J. Chandler
Walker Chaffin
Miriam Childs
Brian Detweiler
Alford Duncan
James Durham
Lynn Fogle
Krista Ford
Jeanne Frazier Price
Karen Helde
Erica Hemmen
Joan Howland
Liana Juliano
Anne Klinefelter
Jane Larrington
Emily Lawson
Adriana Mark
Jennifer McNenly
Jill Meyer
Cheryl Niemeier
Kirstin Nelson
Brian Nolan
Sue Ann Orsini
Alicia Pappas
Lee Pharis
C.J. Pipins
Ted Potter
Melissa Serfass
Meribeth Sewell
Candace Slaminski
Kory Staheli
Marie Summerlin Hamm
Julia Viets
Dr. Michele A. L. Villagran
Karen Westwood
Morgan Wood
Mary Elizabeth Woodruff

2018 Amazon Gift Card Winners

Congratulations to:

  • Nicole P. Dyszlewski, Head of Reference, Instruction, and Engagement, Roger Williams University School of Law
  • Andrea Guldalian, Library Resources Manager, Duane Morris LLP
  • 2018


    THREE Members Recruited

    Nicole Dyszlewski

    TWO Members Recruited

    Andrea Guldalian

    ONE Member Recruited

    John Adkins
    Steve Barkan
    Daniel Bell
    Cathryn Bowie
    Galin Brown
    Yvonne Chandler
    Betsy Chessler
    Cynthia Condit
    Elaine Egan
    Belynda Elam
    Stacy Etheredge
    Emily Florio
    Don Ford
    Christine Graesser
    Carrie Hayter
    Ramona Howerton
    Richard Jost
    Heather Joy
    Dennis Kim-Prieto
    Druet Klugh
    Ashley Krenelka Chase
    Emily Lawson
    David Leone
    Scott Matheson
    Michael McHenry
    Jennifer Mendoza
    Catherine Monte
    Lauren Morrison
    Kent Olson
    Maureen O’Riordan
    Jeanne Ottinger
    Jill Poretta
    Ted Potter
    Nalini Rajguru
    Sean Rebstock
    Mary Rogalski
    Abigail Ross
    Mariann Sears
    Keith Ann Stiverson
    Chris Vassey
    Amy Wharton
    Jean Willis
    Christine Yaniga

    2017 $500 Amazon Gift Card Winners

    Congratulations to:

    Cynthia Condit
    Reference and Circulation Librarian & Professor of Practice
    University of Arizona College of Law Library

    Marie Calvaruso
    Director of Knowledge Services
    Harris Beach PLLC

  • 2017

    Our first recruiter, Cynthia Condit, will receive 10 additional entries into the annual drawing for a $500 Amazon gift card. Congrats Cynthia!

    One Member Recruited

    Cynthia Condit
    Christopher Walunas
    Jessica Van Buren
    Vanessa Nelson Meihaus
    Victoria Capatosto
    Katie Brown
    Ian Kipnes
    Michele Finerty
    Jennifer L. Gross
    Margo Jeske
    Tiffany Lopez
    Andrew Winston
    Mary Stacy
    Marie Calvaruso
    Lindsey Carpino