Contact: AALL Executive Director Vani Ungapen

SIS Accounts

All SIS accounts are maintained by the AALL Director of Finance and Administration. The SIS treasurer will receive quarterly statements from AALL, which will detail both the section’s revenues and expenses for that period.  SISs may not maintain separate bank accounts.


Any AALL member can join an SIS by paying the section dues to AALL at any time during the year. Dues paid is allocated 50 percent to the appropriate SIS, and 50 percent to AALL. On September 30 of each year, the SIS’s will be credited with the dues income available to them for the succeeding 12-month period. Section dues received between October 1 and May 31 will be credited to the respective SISs on May 31.  This will ensure that SISs receive the dues for members who join in that interim period.

Deposit of Revenues

All revenue received by an SIS from outside sources such as contributions or publication sales, must be deposited by the AALL and will be credited to the appropriate SIS account.  All checks or other form of remittance are to be forwarded to the attention of the AALL Director of Finance and Administration. A “Deposit of Revenues” form must be included with the checks. Download the SIS Deposit Form.

Payment of SIS Expenses at the Annual Meeting

See section on Annual Meeting Information that details the requirements for payment of expenses for SIS meals, equipment, etc.

Reimbursement of Other Expenses

AALL requires that a special “Request Form” be completed when a request for reimbursement of expenses related to official business is made. Download the SIS Reimbursement Form.

The form should be used when requesting reimbursement for expenses such as postage, printing, telephone calls, duplication costs, etc. associated with SIS business. Appropriate documentation should be attached to each request form submitted.

SIS members should submit reimbursement requests to the SIS treasurer. The treasurer then prepares and submits the reimbursement forms for payment. This allows the SIS treasurer to evaluate, approve, and keep track of expenditures of SIS funds.

Solicitation of Funds

All potential revenue-producing activities, including the sale of advertising by any component of AALL, must be approved in advance by the Executive Director.