Publication Procedures


Each SIS is encouraged to produce a double-sided flyer describing its activities, purpose, and goals.

In order to assure consistency in design and to promote a unified public relations endeavor, all SISs must have their flyers produced by AALL Headquarters. The AALL Director of Marketing & Communications will provide assistance.

The Association will design a new SIS flyer every three years.

Any SIS wishing to alter the design (i.e., content) of its flyer more frequently than every three years must pay for the graphic designer fees from its SIS's funds.

Headquarters will pay for a one-time in-house printing of 300 color copies of the flyer.  Any additional printing or use of special paper stock will be charged to the SIS's account.

SIS chairs must contact the Director of Marketing and Communications prior to work on a new flyer. The Director of Marketing and Communications will provide the chair with guidelines.

The following deadlines must be followed in the design of a new flyer:

At Annual Meeting:Determine your SIS's need for a new or revised flyer; inform Director of Marketing and Communications of your decision
December 1:Draft to SIS Council Chair
January 15:Draft to SIS Public Relations Coordinator
March 1:Final copy to Director of Marketing & Communications

SIS Newsletters


All SISs publish a newsletter, some SISs may choose to publish a combined newsletter with another SIS.  Each SIS selects its own newsletter editor, who is responsible for producing the newsletter.

All newsletters must carry the AALL logo, which must be reproduced in AALL blue or black only.

SISs are responsible for producing their newsletter. They are also responsible for the following special distributions of their newsletters.


Each SIS's newsletter is distributed free to its member
Distribution beyond the SIS

Copies of each SIS newsletter must be provided to the following:

  • Chairs of all other SISs
  • AALL President
  • AALL President-elect
  • Annual Meeting Program Committee Chair
  • Liaison to the SIS Council
  • AALL Spectrum editor
  • SIS Council Chair
  • Headquarters
  • AALL Archives

SIS Websites and Discussion Forums

Each SIS has a website and a discussion forum for its members.  AALL provides support for SIS webmasters and discussion forum managers. Training workshops for SIS webmasters and SIS discussion forum managers are provided at the Annual Meeting.

Profits (Other than Royalties) From Sale of SIS Publications

Profits from projects (including publications) which have not required AALL financial support may be retained entirely by the SIS.

Publications (Other than Newsletters) Commercially-sponsored Publications

Commercial publishers produce two series of AALL publications, and additional individual works have obtained commercial sponsorship. Contractual arrangements pertaining to this type of publication must receive the approval of AALL and the Executive Board.

Any SIS literature under consideration by commercial publishers must undergo this process. 


If a contract for a commercially published SIS publication specifies that royalties will be paid, the SIS may use the portion necessary to cover production expenses.

Any excess royalties will be split 50-50 with AALL.

When an SIS makes a proposal to AALL, it should designate whether the SIS, an individual author, or another source is to receive its share of royalties.