While recognizing that SIS chairs have a genuine interest in raising funds for their activities, particularly social events at the Annual Meeting, and while also recognizing that many SIS chairs have unique and beneficial relationships with potential donors, it is important to coordinate fund raising on behalf of AALL and its entities like SISs and committees. In an effort to address the importance of this process, the Executive Board approved the following policy governing fundraising activities by AALL entities:



1. Fund-raising activity

Because AALL recognizes the need for a coordinated fund-raising effort, the Executive Board has delegated the following responsibilities to the Executive Director.

  1. All solicitations for funds for all purposes must be coordinated by the Executive Director before potential donors are contacted. Including, and not limited to, all sponsorships and granting agencies.
  2. The Executive Director will take into account in coordinating such activities the potential for a major donation from the vendor which might be compromised by a solicitation for a less significant amount.
  3. At each annual meeting, AALL entities plan and host their own social events and other activities that may be fully sponsored or partially supported by an exhibitor, Chapter or a member’s institution.

Sponsorship of an AALL event at the Annual Meeting is available exclusively to exhibitors, Chapters, and members and their institutions.

When there is support from an exhibitor, a Chapter or a member’s institution, AALL entities retain responsibility and authority for the event, and they work closely with the supporter to ensure appropriate recognition. In addition to activities planned and hosted by AALL entities, some affiliates and exhibitors may choose to host their own social events, such as receptions, dinners, and other activities. These are not under AALL’s auspices and thus are not considered AALL sponsorships.

Each year the Executive Board reviews a list of sponsorship opportunities for the next Annual Meeting. This list does not require Executive Board approval. Sponsorships may be granted on either a sole-sponsor basis, or on a multiple co-sponsor basis. This choice is determined in consultation between the sponsor and the Executive Director who consults with the President as needed. Proposals to granting agencies.

  1. All formal funding proposals less than $10,000 will be reviewed by the Executive Director for appropriateness of the donor, adequacy of the budget, financial implications for the Association, coordination aspects, and general level of risk.
  2. All formal funding proposals for $10,000 or more will be reviewed by the Finance and Budget Committee for appropriateness of the donor, adequacy of the budget, financial implications for the Association, coordination aspects, and general level of risk. The Executive Board shall approve all such proposals.
  3. The Executive Director signs all formal funding proposals.
  4. A copy of all such proposals is retained on file at Headquarters.

2. Miscellaneous

Gifts and donations may be used to support revenue-generating activities; they may be taken into consideration in setting prices such as registration fees.