2017 AMPC Content Area Teams

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AALL is continuing its efforts to design and deliver the education that members need right now to tackle workplace challenges, do their jobs better, and raise the profile of the profession. For the 2017 Annual Meeting, the Annual Meeting Program Committee solicited "must-have" programs for Austin in the Call for Proposals.

The Business of Law Marketing, Communication, & Advocacy
Supporting the organization's mission; the economics of law, key drivers, trends, profitability, value, funding Promoting library services and resources, needs assessment, and demonstrating value to the organization 
 Steven Antonio Lastres (team leader)
 Tina S. Ching (team leader)
 Heidi Heller   Mark A. Gediman
 Amy Carr
 Jordan Jefferson (PEGA-SIS Liaison)
 Alison F. Alifano (SR-SIS Liaison)
 Malikah Hall
 Scott D. Bailey  Kevin Coakley-Welch
 Lawrence R. Meyer (GD-SIS Liaison)  Amanda Runyon
 Christina Tarr (OBS-SIS Liaison)  Shari Berkowitz Duff
 Carolyn Hersch  Ashley Brooks Moye (TS-SIS Liaison)
Data & Content Management Research
Organizing, collecting, preserving, presenting information and resources Research tools, skills, efficiencies, methods, results
 Karen Selden (team leader)  Saskia Mehlhorn (team leader)
 Caroline Walters  Marcia Burris (PLLIP-SIS Liaison)
 Paula G. Doty (GLL-SIS Liaison)  Gina B. Lynch
 Caitlyn Lam  Kelly Leong (LISP-SIS Liaison)
 Kristina J. Alayan (FCIL-SIS Liaison)  Todd Venie
 Christopher T. Bloodworth  Alissa Black-Dorward
 John Joergensen (CS-SIS Liaison)  Martin J. Korn
   Betsy A. Vipperman
   Sarah E. M. Lin
Leadership, Administration, & Career Development 
Teaching & Training
Leading and managing staff, services, and resources as part of the organization's business; defining and achieving career goals Providing, evaluating, and measuring learning; defining competencies
 Cornell H. Winston (team leader)  Kristina L. Niedringhaus (team leader)
 Anna Lawless-Collins  Deborah Ginsberg (Chapters/Committees Liaison)
 Sharon Bradley (LHRB-SIS & DET-SIS Liaison)  James Murphy
 Christine Iaconeta (ALL-SIS Liaison)  Alison Hancock
 Duane A. Strojny  Cynthia Guyer
 Amy J. Eaton  Wendy E. Moore
 Sarah E. Morris  Beau Steenken (RIPS-SIS Liaison)
 Carol Ottolenghi