Speaker Agreement

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Thank you for agreeing to serve as a speaker at AALL's Annual Meeting and Conference! It takes the coordination of countless details to successfully deliver the dozens of high-quality programs AALL members have come to expect. Your cooperation is key! In the spring, all presenters will be required to complete AALL's Speaking Commitment and Copyright Agreement, a simple, online form that outlines AALL's expectations of speakers. You can find the terms of the Agreement below.

  • You agree to comply with all program-related deadlines provided to you by AALL (and your program's coordinator, when applicable), including, but not limited to deadlines for handouts, A/V requests, etc.
  • During your presentation, you will not engage in any type of promotional marketing or selling of any product or service.
  • You will notify AALL's education manager immediately in the event that an emergency should prevent you from meeting your obligation as a presenter.
  • You agree to use the PowerPoint template and logos provided to you by AALL for any PowerPoint presentation and/or handout materials you may create for your presentation, and you agree not to use this template or these logos in any way except in connection with this or other AALL programs.
  • You authorize AALL to use your name, likeness, photograph, and biographical material for the promotion of the program and/or the AALL Annual Meeting. Please note: You may be contacted by AALL's Education and/or Marketing Department with opportunities for greater promotion of your presentation.
  • You grant to AALL a perpetual, irrevocable, royalty-free, non-exclusive license to (1) record and reproduce in any format your presentation and to edit such at AALL's reasonable discretion; (2) reproduce, publish, display, and distribute such recordings, the presentation, and any materials which you make available as a supplement to your presentation, for AALL's business purposes; and (3) include the materials individually or as part of a collective work distributed before, during or after the Annual Meeting, including, but not limited to, on the AALL's website. AALL may make technical modifications to the presentation or materials as needed to store them electronically or otherwise make them available electronically.
  • You understand that this license to AALL does not change your ownership of the materials and that you are free to otherwise make use of the materials. Should you publish or give permission to others to publish these materials at a later date, however, you and others must indicate that the work was produced as part of the AALL Annual Meeting and Conference. AALL recommends that you attach a notice of your copyright ownership on the cover page of your materials.
  • You represent that (i) the content of the presentation and materials is accurate to the best of your knowledge; and (ii) the presentation and materials are your own original work, have not been published elsewhere, and will not infringe on any personal or property rights of any other person or organization, or, if previously published, you have secured any necessary permission so that AALL may now publish your work.
  • You must secure any necessary permission for copyrighted work which you do not own that is incorporated into your presentation or distributed/used in your materials as a handout or supplement to your presentation. You must provide AALL with information as to credit for all materials which were previously published or are subject to copyright ownership.
  • You indemnify AALL and its representatives with respect to any claims, action or demands, including reasonable attorneys' fees, that may arise in any manner out of a breach of the above representations.