Supplemental Materials and Recordings

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Speakers have been invited to upload supplemental program materials to their presenter profiles within the conference app: To access these materials there, search for the specific program by clicking the "Conference Schedule" button or using the search window—both in the left-hand menu. Then click on the individual presenters to see if they've uploaded any files to their profiles.

Check back regularly to preview and access these materials for the programs you plan to attend. You can also download the app by searching for "AALL 2017" in your app store. At the conference, print-on-demand kiosks will be available for printing these materials.

Please note that materials are solicited but not necessarily received for all programs. Some speakers provide materials to AALL on behalf of or in collaboration with other speakers on their program. Additional materials may be provided onsite by the programs' speakers, and on AALL2go after the conference.

NOTE: Annual Meeting Program Recordings, sponsored by Thomson Reuters, will be made available in August.