Hear from Past CONELL Attendees

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Jason Eiseman
Yale Law School Lillian Goldman Library

The whole CONELL program in fact was enjoyable from the dine around to the end. By the end of lunch I was sorry I would not be able to attend the tour with the other attendees, even though I've been to the Columbia Gorge many times. I would definitely recommend CONELL to newer law librarians and conference first timers. Read the full article.

Philippe Cloutier
McDonough Holland & Allen

While the ideas and lessons presented at CONELL were intended for newer law librarians they apply to experienced law librarians as well. All members should get involved, network, and learn. We have much to offer and gain. AALL and CONELL has prepared me for future conferences and my career, should I ever feel lost, overwhelmed, or unsure of the next step- reflecting on our speakers' simple points will provide a path. Read the full article.

Holly Gale
Keller Rohrback LLP

CONELL is, as everyone had told me, a great experience for first timers. I met several people that I have been in touch with and I look forward to seeing them throughout my career. Read the full article.

Lisa Junghahn
Harvard Law School Library

CONELL is great for so many reasons. At the time I attended CONELL, I had just been offered my first fulltime position in a law library and was eager to learn as much as possible about my new profession. However, I was also somewhat intimidated by the idea of attending my first AALL Conference. CONELL provided me with a friendly environment for learning more about my new colleagues, the organization of AALL, and the role librarians play in their various institutions.

Attending CONELL was stimulating and fun. In one day, I got to (1) personally meet the incoming and outgoing AALL president, James E. Duggan and Ann T. Fessenden; (2) learn about AALL special interest sections; (3) connect with librarians I had read about; (4) speed network with over 30 conference attendees; and (5) experience the natural beauty of Multnomah Valley, Oregon (I even learned that sturgeon are prehistoric)! During these events, I felt relaxed, happy, and excited by all the people I was meeting. Knowing a few familiar faces in a large crowd helped me feel more confident while attending conference events, and made the overall experience that much more energizing.

Nearly four months after attending the conference, I am still in contact with a few of the newer librarians I met in CONELL, and expect I will eventually be working with others throughout the course of my time as a law librarian. I recommend CONELL to all first-time conference attendees!

Lori Bull Dodds
Collin County (TX) Law Library

I encourage all new members of AALL to attend CONELL. There is no better way to feel a part of the organization. I was not only a new member of AALL, but a new member of the library profession when I attended last year's conference. Participating in CONELL gave me the opportunity to meet the Executive Board up close and personal. This in turn made me feel part of AALL. Marketplace provided the chance to meet with representatives of AALL committees, Special Interest Sections, Chapters and Caucuses. As a county law librarian, it was important for me to connect with members of the State, Court and County Law Libraries SIS. There are special issues that we deal with as public law libraries that were addressed at many of the SCCLL programs during the conference. Talking with members of the SIS at Marketplace alerted me to these different programs. I also found the pointers provided by the different speakers invaluable in my navigation of the conference. Cornell Winston suggested we attend programs in our section but not to limit ourselves. Breaking out of my niche pushed me into areas and topics I may not have discovered otherwise. CONELL gave me a conference cohort. I may not have attended every program with the people I spent the day with; but when I saw them in the hallway, I felt less alone.