Things to Bring (other than business cards)

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Last year we were asked what attendees should bring ... other than business cards and one suit. We came up with a list of things ... and may add to it; but here's a start:
  • Comfortable shoes and band-aids (in case the shoes aren't as comfortable as you thought!).
  • A folder that holds a tablet is a nice thing to have - gives you a surface to write on instead of your knee and a place to organize your seminar materials. A smaller zippered bag to keep change/cash, pens, keys and other small items from getting lost in the bottom of your conference bag.
  • Listerine strips or gum or something along those lines.
  • A few small snacks (power bars, trail mix or granola bars) that you can slip in your bag and munch on if you get tied up in session or meetings and miss a snack break or lunch. Convention center snacks can be expensive. You may also want to consider bringing a water bottle to fill from water fountains (think green!).
  • A light sweater/jacket. Even with all the hot air floating around it can still get a bit chilly during sessions.
  • Don’t bring headphones to the convention center; it makes you unavailable. If you have them you will be tempted to use them. You want to meet people/network, even if it is just a casual remark to someone on an escalator. You never know where the casual remark could go!