Programs of Value to Academic Law Librarians

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"It was very inspiring to see how dedicated and passionate law librarians are regarding government information. It was one of the best conference experiences I have ever had the opportunity to attend. I returned home with a renewed appreciation for the field of law librarianship and eyes on when I can attend my next AALL conference."

- Suzanne Sears, University of North Texas Libraries

The following are just some of the programs that have been identified as being of particular value to law librarians working in academic settings. You can view all 2017 programs here.

Knowledge Management for 21st Century Information Professionals

The Law Library as Technology Laboratory

Linked Data, Your Library, and You

Understanding the Human Element in Search Algorithms

Deep Dive: Advance Toward Experiential: Create or Retool Your Advanced Legal Research Course to Meet the ABA Experiential Learning Standards

Deep Dive: You've Heard the Jargon, Now Play the Game: Linked Data on Your Laptop

Social Media Use in Law Libraries: Learn from Our Successes and Failures

Due Diligence and Competitive Intelligence: The "New" Practice-Ready Skills

How to Develop a Budget That You and Your Organization Can Live with—and Still Achieve Your Strategic Goals

From Authority Control to Identity Management: Managing—Not Controlling

Serving Law Students Beyond Traditional Library Hours

Deep Dive: Teaching Legal Research in Practice: Designing and Teaching Simulation Research Courses in Practice-Specific Settings

The Court's Perspective: What the Judge Can Tell Librarians About Self-Represented Litigants (SRLs)

Disaster Planning in an Hour

Statistics 101 for Humanities Majors: Using Statistical Data in Law and Business

Show Me the Money: Funding Professional Development

Effective Educational Technology Products for VARK Learning Styles

Tech Trends + Transparency: Enhancements in Government Legislative Websites

Information Asymmetry and the Rise of the Consultants in Contract Negotiations

Leaning In and Reaching Out! Building and Delivering A2J Education, Outreach, and Awareness

The Power of the Crowd: Crowdsourcing Metadata for Library Materials

Attorney Research Skills: Continuing the Conversation Between Law Firm and Academic Law Librarians

Watson in the Law Library: Using AI and Machine Learning to Build the 21st Century Library

I, Robot: Leveraging Your LMS to Automate Legal Research Assessment Using Regular Expressions and Specialized Testing Modules

Case Law as Data: Making It, Sharing It, Using It

The Linchpin Librarian: Becoming an Indispensable and Integrated Resource in Your Organization

Digital Repositories, Law Libraries, and the Future of Open Access

Understanding Security Threats to Better Collaborate

Project Management and Legal Project Management: Comparing Apples to Apples

Guerrilla Marketing: Promoting Your Law Library and Engaging Your Audience with the Tools at Hand

Teaching and Implementing Emerging Technologies in Legal Practice

Assessing Training Success: What to Do When Grades Aren't Given

Law Libraries Collaborating to Steward National Legal Collections

Straight Talk About Legal Technology Training: An Interview with Legal Tech Training and Adoption Expert, Michelle Spencer

Elevate! Lifting an Innovative Profession into the Light

Building Organizational Capacity to Support Empirical Legal Research

Don't Let Me Go: The Rigors of Retention

Whose Line (of Code) Is It Anyway? Holding Companies Such as Google, Amazon, and Facebook Accountable for Their Algorithms

A Whirlwind Tour of the Hits and Hyperbole in Legal Research and Workflow Products

The Axis of Access: How New Tools Pose a Challenge to Traditional Legal Research

Cool Tools Café

Internal Assessment and Peer Benchmarking in Academic Law Libraries

Not Pie in the Sky: Practical Strategies for Embracing Change in Technical Services

Having Difficult Conversations: Becoming More Comfortable as a Manager