Ordering Food and Beverage

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Complete the Food & Beverage Request form below and submit by May 15. The information you provide should reflect what was submitted on your initial scheduling form (i.e., name of event, date/time, number of anticipated attendees, and set-up style).

Consult the menus for the location of your meeting/event (the Austin Convention Center or the Hilton Austin). When computing the cost for your food function, be sure to include any service charge, administration fee and sales tax as indicated on the order form. SIS orders will be billed to the AALL master account and will be deducted from the SIS account.

Food and Beverage Order Form  (This PDF form is best viewed in Adobe Reader.)

Austin Convention Center Menus

Hilton Austin Hotel Menus


Committees do not have funds to order food and beverage without prior budget approval.


Caucuses do not have funds to order food and beverage.


Your food and beverage order will be arranged directly with either the Austin Convention Center or Hilton Austin (headquarters hotel) where your function is assigned (see Meetings and Functions listing for room location). You will be contacted in May by the facility to place your food and beverage order, set up direct billing, and provide final counts. You will not need to submit an order form directly to AALL.

If you would like to begin working with the facility contact person before May, please contact:

Austin Convention Center

Hilton Austin

Kim Robinson,Catering Sales Manager Mark Hirtzer II, Senior Event Manager

Note:  The Austin Convention Center and the Hilton Austin have restrictions against bringing in any food or beverage from an offsite location to your meeting/event.

If you have any questions, please contact Pam Reisinger at 312.205.8026 or preisinger@aall.org.