FAQs for Conference Program Speakers

Answers to Some Essential Questions

Your commitment to AALL’s educational programming is most appreciated—we couldn’t do it without you! The following information is for speakers on programs selected by the Annual Meeting Program Committee.

When and where is the conference?

The 112th American Association of Law Libraries Annual Meeting & Conference will be held in Washington, DC, July 13-16, 2019. Programs will be held at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center.

As a program speaker, what does AALL need from me?

To coordinate hundreds of speakers and dozens of programs efficiently and effectively, we ask that speakers provide the following:

Equipment RequestS

The following standard set-up will be provided in each program room for presenters:

  • VGA connection-enabled LCD projector and screen
  • AALL-provided laptop (with standard presentation software)
  • wired and wireless internet access
  • 1 lectern microphone and 1 wireless lavaliere microphone
  • aisle microphones (for audience use during Q&A)
  • remote slide advancer

Please let your coordinator know by April 15 if you will need additional equipment (beyond what is listed above) or a type of microphone other than the lectern microphone and wireless lavaliere microphone already provided. Your coordinator will compile the individual requests from all speakers and will submit one separate Equipment Request Form for the program to AALL.

Speaking Commitment and Copyright Agreement  

This online form should be completed by June 17. It confirms your participation and lets us know if AALL can record your program and distribute any handout materials you may provide.

Educational Program Handout Materials

Adult education takes place on many different levels, so it can be very valuable to provide attendees with written material to accompany your presentation. Program presenters can upload their supplemental materials directly to their online presenter profiles. These profiles are part of our conference app, and attendees will be able to access your materials directly.

Also, all program coordinators are expected to conduct a virtual run-through of the program with their panelists/presenters in advance of the conference. Members of the Annual Meeting Program Committee will provide support and feedback for these practice sessions.

If I’m a program speaker, do I have to register for the conference?

All AALL members participating in conference events—as attendees, speakers, moderators or program coordinators—must register for the conference.

Nonmember speakers on AMPC-selected programs automatically receive a complimentary conference registration. Registration will be completed by AALL; nonmember speakers should simply check in at the onsite registration counter in the convention center to receive their badges, speaker ribbons, and registration materials.

What about travel and housing arrangements?

AALL members can find information about making their own travel and housing arrangements on AALLNET.

If a program’s coordinator requested that AALL provide travel and/or housing for a nonmember speaker speaking on an AMPC-selected program, the speaker will receive detailed instructions from AALL about making these arrangements so that they are direct-billed to AALL.


Per AALL’s expense policy, AALL members cannot request reimbursement for any costs associated with their participation at the Annual Meeting. If a program’s coordinator requested that AALL provide expense reimbursement for a nonmember speaker on an AMPC-selected program, the speaker will receive a personalized reimbursement form prior to the conference.

How can I find answers to additional questions?

Please review the Information for Program Speakers, or contact Heidi Letzmann at AALL (312.205.8014).