Preparing Materials To Support Your Presentation

Adult education takes place on many different levels, so it is beneficial to provide attendees with written materials to accompany presentations. Specific, detailed supplemental materials can help audience members fully focus on the speaker, rather than any lengthy notes they might be trying to jot down.

Preparing Handout Materials

Program presenters can upload their supplemental materials directly to their online presenter profiles. These profiles are part of our conference app, and attendees will be able to access the materials directly. Onsite, attendees will also have the opportunity to print these materials from kiosks in the convention center. After the conference, all materials received will be featured with session recordings on AALL2go, AALL’s online learning center.

Supplemental materials fall into two categories:


(e.g., copy of the visuals used, outline, article or bibliography, presenter biography)


(e.g., worksheets, checklists, pathfinders & guides, decision trees, flowcharts, diagrams & tables, action plans)

These materials enable the learner to:

  • concentrate on the ideas without having to take notes
  • increase their speed of comprehension
  • find the information when they need it at a later date
  • reinforce new ideas
  • share their continuing education with workplace colleagues

Before uploading your files:

  • Please convert all files that you plan to upload to PDFs. This will maintain the integrity of your materials, ensuring that they can be viewed properly and printed from the kiosks. Only PDF files are supported at the print-on-demand kiosks.
  • Complete your Speaking Commitment and Copyright Agreement. Materials will be included (and your program will be recorded) only if the completed agreement has been received.
  • Remember to include your program’s alphanumeric code in the file name, especially if you’re presenting on more than one program. This code appears at the end of your program’s description.
  • You may upload as many files as you need, but please be aware that there is a 10MB size limit for each file. Be mindful of graphics, which do not always print well and often take up a lot of file space. You can find more tips for reducing your file’s size here.
  • You are strongly encouraged to use our conference template for PowerPoint presentations. If you need to apply the template style to a file you already created, here’s a guide.
  • Include your program’s title and alphanumeric designation on the first page or first slide of your file. We recommend using AALL’s conference cover page.
  • Speaker/author name(s) should appear next. If submitting materials prepared in collaboration with other speakers, please include the names of all involved contributors.

Design Checklist

Good design can make all the difference. Seth Godin has some tips for PowerPoints. Your document or slides should have:

  • a clear, uncluttered layout
  • inviting graphics
  • bullet points rather than narrative sentences
  • no more than two fonts in a document
  • bold, italics, or underlining to focus attention, but never all three at once

Before you upload, make sure your file does not have:

  • spelling errors
  • all capital letters or too many fonts
  • crowded text on slides
    (Slides should reflect the basic outline. A general rule is to limit text to no more than four lines per slide.)

So many people are visual learners, and images can help to solidify a concept as you’re presenting it. Here are some sources for copyright-free images:

To upload your file(s):

  • You’ll need to access your presenter profile using your unique URL (emailed to most presenters in February from Contact Heidi Letzmann if you didn’t receive yours.
  • Toward the bottom of the page, select the applicable program under “Your Sessions.”
  • Drag and drop or select your file(s) from your computer and upload. Remember to upload only PDF files.
  • To replace a file, you should delete the file you wish to replace before uploading the latest version of it.

Please note: Any files you upload to your presenter profile are for attendee handout materials only, so be sure to bring any presentation files on a USB drive.

AALL’s director of meetings ensures that all room setups and equipment are checked prior to the start of the program. A technician-staffed “Speaker Ready Room” is available for speakers to familiarize themselves with the presentation equipment. See our guidelines for delivering a better learning experience for more presentation tips.