Scheduling Information

Get It On The Calendar

AALL’s special interest sections, committees, chapters, caucuses, exhibitors, and affiliate groups conduct meetings and events at the Annual Meeting & Conference. The Scheduling Form for Meetings and Events should be submitted electronically, with a separate form for each meeting, even if an event is repeated or scheduled for multiple days. Refer to the Annual Meeting & Conference Schedule as your guide to request appropriate time slots for your meeting/event; be sure to note “no conflict” times. Provide an alternate meeting time on the scheduling form should your first request not be available.

Scheduling Forms must be submitted by December 10, 2018 to ensure the online listing of your meeting/event when conference registration opens. Forms received after this date will be processed on a space-available basis and without assurance that you will receive your preferred meeting date/time. Forms received by May 1, 2019 will ensure listing in the conference schedule.

Scheduling Memos

Please review the scheduling memo applicable to your group:

Memo for Special Interest Sections (2019 SIS Meeting Matrix)
Memo for Committees
Memo for Chapters and Caucuses
Memo for Affiliate Groups (library schools, alumni groups, consortia)
Memo for Exhibitors

Scheduling Resources

Scheduling Form for Meetings and Events
Schedule At-a-Glance
Room Set Diagram