Personal Learning Plan

Go in with a Plan

Attending the Annual Meeting & Conference is an investment in your professional development. Having a comprehensive learning plan can help you make the most of the experience.

Starting Your Conference Experience

  • Utilize the AALL Annual Meeting app and customize your profile and schedule.
  • Download/print relevant handouts for programs you plan to attend. Speakers will be uploading materials to their profiles in the app.
  • Review the exhibitor list. Make a list of vendors and products you want to see. Hint: You can “favorite” these vendors in the app.
  • Set clear goals. Prepare a list of questions you’d like to find answers to at the meeting.
  • Keep plenty of business cards handy. Hint: Your badge holder makes a handy business card holder.

While at the Conference

Learning Opportunities

  • Attend programs and workshops in your area of responsibility.
  • Attend Sunday’s keynote address at the Opening General Session. Use the topic as a conversation opener when you meet new colleagues.
  • Venture into new territory. Attend programs outside your area of responsibility, with an eye toward how they can be applied to you.
  • Distill each session down to one key takeaway. Keep a daily summary of what you have learned. Hint: You can take notes within a session’s page in the app.
  • Actively participate. Ask questions from the audience and contribute to roundtable discussions.
  • Recap and discuss programs with fellow attendees to gain additional insight.
  • Talk with speakers after presentations.
  • Attend and participate in a Discussion Den.
  • Tweet/blog/post about programs on social media (#AALL24).

Association Business

  • Attend Monday afternoon’s AALL General Business Meeting. Ask questions from the floor during the Open Forum.
  • Socialize. Attend the Exhibit Hall Opening Reception and the Association Luncheon.
  • Talk with an AALL officer and/or staff member.
  • Attend Monday morning’s “Meet the Executive Board Candidates” event and ask them questions.

Exhibit Hall

  • Schedule time to visit the Exhibit Hall and talk to vendors.
  • Preview new products and services. Ask vendors, “What’s new?”
  • Attend an Exhibitor Showcase session.
  • Ask vendors to send additional information after the conference.
  • Explore the Member Services Pavilion and Activities Area.
  • Check out the Poster Sessions; talk to poster creators.

Personal Networking

  • Introduce yourself to at least five people who you don’t already know—and initiate introductions between
    people who you think ought to meet. Hint: We’ve got some tips for first-time attendees
  • Wear your badge and shake hands. Practice introducing yourself in one sentence.
  • Tour a local library, museum, or historical site.
  • Rest and refuel. Join colleagues for a meal, tour, or social event.

Once You’re Back at Work

  • Create an action plan to follow up on what you have learned.
  • Follow up with new colleagues you met at the conference.
  • Check out recordings of sessions you may have missed when they’re made available.
  • Get inspired to plan a program or speak as a presenter next year.
  • Volunteer to participate in an activity for next year.
  • Get involved as a mentor or mentee, or both!
  • Volunteer to write an article for AALL Spectrum, or an SIS or chapter newsletter.
  • Tell your supervisor what you learned and express gratitude for the opportunity to attend.